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SubjectCongratulations to all!!!
	Right now, I'm in the process of downloading Linux 2.0
and all of its supporting files. I would like to congratulate
Linus and all the developers for the great job that they (you?)
put into the kernel! Ever since the fall of 1993, when I first
enrolled in UCLA, I wanted an operating system that was much
better than the AIX/ESA that they slapped on the engineering computers.
When I first heard about Linux, I was delighted to see a team
put together a free Unix flavor that actually runs GCC and
Sun's OpenWindows (unlike those ES/9000s). The minute I
first booted a Slackware 1.1.1 installation disk, I stared
with amazement. I was running free UNIX! I didn't get
any further until I bought my own computer last Fall. Up to
this day, I'm loving every bit of this OS, which I've heard is
even better than SunOS 4!
As an aside, I'm interested in participating in 2.1
development. Do any of you have any ideas?
Thanks again!

Arthur D. Jerijian | "Who on earth can blame them? Ah, no wonder the | men of Troy and Argives under arms have suffered | years of agony all for her, for such a woman. | Beauty, terrible beauty!" | Homer, the king of all poets

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