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SubjectRe: Speed of memcpy, csum_partial and csum_partial_copy
> On the TCP i've been seting up for 2.1 there is no need for copy
> number 2 since the skb is cloned (the copy is restricted to the skb
> header).

Providing tcp.c doesnt scribble into the packet itself then yes this
is true. Consider however a packet that is source routed via loopback
then out. You will then need to rejig the header.

> Well, gonna try removing that copy you mention to see if it increases
> performance. Is it done on the loopback device itself ?

Yes. I think we need to clone things more and drop code in the forwarding
routines along the line of

newskb=skb_unshare(skb); /* in case its a clone */

which solves the issues with network taps as well.


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