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SubjectRe: dead keyboard, once again
On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:
[Has keyboard prob. with loadlin, but not with lilo]
> usually I boot with loadlin, because it's not possibly to install lilo
> on my mixed system (IDE=m$/dos, SCSI=linux) without having a hang the
> next time I boot (lilo writes something like "Warning, bios drive 0x82(?)
> not accessible" when trying to install the mbr).

You can use lilo when you:

Install a minimal filesystem(eg. /boot) for lilo, libs, and
your kernels into the first 512MB of your ide disk and run the map
installer by "cd /boot;chroot /boot /boot/sbin/lilo". You have more work
for maintaining the boot, but the root disk have not to be installed by
the bios and you don't have to use DOS for booting linux.


BTW: fips(on most Linux-CDs) is a fine tool for non-desructively shrinking
of DOS-partitions. Used it a without any prob.

| Bernhard Kaindl, Tallak 95, 8103 Rein, Austria |
| Autor of kmenu, first kernel config tool for linux w/ automatic menus |

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