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SubjectRe: send_head NULL in FIN_WAIT1 (Pre2.0.14)

Steven L Baur <> writes:
>Jun 7 08:32:18 geordi kernel: send_head NULL in FIN_WAIT1
>This was apparently generated after serving a web page (Apache 1.1b2).
>There were no associated Apache error messages.
>I don't see any stuck sockets now (and definitely not a repeating
>``socket destroy delayed'').

Looking over the code I expect this is over zealous checking of
potential bug conditions on my part. You can get the above message
if TCP is doing a zero window probe when it gets the FIN
from the far end. I've revised the bug check to actually look for
the error condition I'm worried about rather than the short cut
check I was using.

I'll send a patch to Linus a little later today.

-- eric

Eric Schenk www:
Department of Computer Science email:
University of Toronto

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