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SubjectRe: Zen Penguin on Endorphins (Was: Kernel Naming Society..)
On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, lilo wrote:

> Hmmm, check out the `totem' package,
> It's an
> alternate approach, it loads as a module which is fairly
> release-independent, and allows you to get a release `totem' (i.e., symbolic
> animal) by:

This is an excellent module, but I believe that my patch is still smaller.

Now we have two choices -- a version-independent module, or a small kernel

They will both generate the same names, provided that you compile my patch
in non-politically correct mode. By default, it substitutes politically
correct names for the non-PC ones.

You can get this patch through the following WWW page:


Here's the changes:
Changed verbs, nouns, etc... Not compatible with prior versions.
Moved /proc/sys/kernel/animal to /proc/sys/kernel/name
Cleaned code up
Made it work with pre2.0.14...

Joel Maslak
Team /proc/animal!

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