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SubjectRe: 1.99.14 & duplicate NE2000
On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Look's like you are trusting on 'linux plug-and-play', autoprobing
> and hopefull automagical configuration of hardware.
> It does not work, not on Win95, not on Linux, not on PC hardware..
> Stupid hardware can not read your thoughts, unfortunately..
> If you want _exact_ results, jumper your hardware properly and
> then give this particular info on each and every load and
> configuration command you use. DO NOT TRUST on any automagigal
> autoprobings..

if non-intrusive probing is definit for all possible devices, then you
have exact results. Or if you have only one intrusive driver (which is
left to the end of the probing). More intrusive drivers lead to indefinit

[ i'm talking about theoretically indefinit results, it usually works
fine, but you cant be sure unless you discover the whole probing space
which is usually impossible ]

if the non-intrusive probing is not definit enough, then we are in
trouble. (ie. if you can detect two devices on the same port). But this is
quite rare. [report it if it happens and it gets fixed]. You can think of
the mechanism that Linux device driver writers do as an "informal but
quite well-working probing-order database".

-- mingo

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