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Subjectdead keyboard, once again

look what `fortune' told me today:

> Linux i486 1.99.14
> ferkel login: root
> Password:
> Last login: Sat Jun 8 18:44:51 on tty1
> Linux 1.99.14.
> Kiss your keyboard goodbye!

har har :)

but seriously, I now have at least a hint what is causing my locked-keyboard

usually I boot with loadlin, because it's not possibly to install lilo
on my mixed system (IDE=m$/dos, SCSI=linux) without having a hang the
next time I boot (lilo writes something like "Warning, bios drive 0x82(?)
not accessible" when trying to install the mbr).

since I wanted to track down the keyboard-error, I removed all hardware from
the system, even disconnected the IDE disk and installed lilo on the scsi-
drive, making sda1 the boot-device (instead of hda1).

from now on, the keyboard did not hang anymore.

piece after piece, I put the hardware back, reconnected the IDE-drive,
but without telling the BIOS the hdparams, so the system would *still*
boot from the scsi-drive. under linux, hda of course now was accessible.
still no hangs!

next step: tell BIOS that hda1 = C: and booting from a m$/dos floppy with
nothing but on it, switching to C:\LOADLIN and booting the
system: no keyboard hangs.

I'm suspecting that some driver in config.sys changes some hardware
in a way and leaves it that changed way, which then confuses linux at
runtime. e.g., I am using irq=7 for my SB16 card under m$/dos, but
irq=10 for that card under linux. this could be a possible error source,
if linux assumes "clean" hardware-state at boot-time. I have not yet
looked at which .sys driver is causing this problem.

anyway, why does it work under 1.99.9 ? I have read the patches-pre2.0.10,
but, hmmm .... I saw nothing drastically changed (nothing that, to my
understanding, can cause such hangs).


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