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SubjectRe: binfmt_aout: always loaded?
B. James Phillippe <> wrote:
> I'm using a.out support compiled as a module and am using kerneld
> to autoload it (kernel 1.99.14 and modules 1.3.69k). It used to work as
> one would expect; it would load anytime I ran an a.out application. Now,
> however, it seems to be always loaded, taking 1 page but with 0 usage.
> Not a terrible problem, but I feel like it defeats the purpose of
> kerneld. Is there any way I can see which application caused the initial
> load? Thank you,

The usage count will almost always be == 0, since it is increased
only while the module loads an a.out binary/library.
You will see it non-zero only if you happen to look at the
precise moment this is happening.

So, this is an indication that you have some a.out binaries/libraries
that are frequently handled by the module (and rather quickly as well...).

It takes time to replace all a.out binaries with ELF versions,
by hand... I know, I'm doing it myself, since my setup is a
personalized mix of separatly downloaded sources from everywhere...


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