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SubjectRe: My SCSI HD has 34 heads, not 255...
*Sorry for replying to this probably now off-topic thread*

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:
> On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Robert Laufer wrote:
> > BUT: I can no longer boot up with LILO. It stops with the two letters
> > "LI" and doesn't go any further. I reinstalled lilo bye fdisk /mbr
under > > DOS and afterwards lilo under Linux, but there was no change.
> Hmm, from /usr/doc/lilo/README:
[quoted some text about moved boot.b, geom and rerunning lilo...]

As it looks like you already have done this, and you installed the root
filesystem on the SCSI disk, one of these may be the kind:
1.) The controller may map your "sd" to an other geom.
2.) Your root filesystem is partly outside of the bios range for lilo(the
first 512MB of your disk)

You might try:
1.) Install your root filesystem on an other disk(which you may not want)
2.) Partiton your root within the first 512MB(may also fail because geom)
3.) Install a minimal filesystem(eg. /boot) for lilo, libs, and
your kernels into the first 512MB of your ide disk and run the map
installer by "cd /boot;chroot /boot /boot/sbin/lilo". You have more work
for maintaining the boot, but the root disk have not to be installed by
the bios.


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