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SubjectRe: more...linux,digital,government,etc
> > 1> The government, military, and many companies do not like unix due to its
> > lack of installation support, ie no installation manager. I saw a couple
> > of demos for X-based managers, and have heard much about Red Hat's, but have
> > never used any. This might be something to consider.
> This is a very interesting statement as LISA, USENIX Tech, SANS and FedUNIX
> give a totally different impression - legacy systems and VMS clusters are
> being replaced with UNIX systems while Novell and other network OSes with
> WindowsNT. What is the base for your statement?
> Best wishes,
> Alex

Just to clarify, I should have explained this better. A few heavies
including a Rear Admiral in a technology section assisting
in interoperability issues in military computing mentioned the
fact that "Unix" does not have an easy way of managing installations
for the average user. They plan on focusing on the low-level area
of systems (such as the kernel) to standardize and then build off that.
They would like for each user to have installed what they need and
for upgrading to be low maintence.
Another idea mentioned was for a networking soultion that passed on upgrades
or installations down network systems in a hierarchial fashion.
Both stated that windows type systems generally made it easier for these
tasks that any unix system. However, they also both stated that unix would
never be phased out of any loops because it is obviously a powerful system
that in some areas is really the only viable option.
Sorry for the confusion.
Matt Hartley

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