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SubjectRE: The World After Linux-2.0 (Was: Re: Linux-2.0)
On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:

> ARM is the (amazing) RISC CPU used in the Archimides (SP?) computer (I
> think, it's the one that you just stack boxes for more disks/CPU's/Other
> CPU's(eg i386)/... ), I think someone said to me that the designer tryed

That's broadly true. Acorn have used ARM-family processors in all their
32-bit machines, starting with the Archimedes. The Risc PC is probably
the one you're thinking of.

> to stress it out, and the couldn't (By sticking the Mhz though the
> roof, could be BS tho),

I don't think that's true. The ARM710 only runs at 40MHz or so.

> also used in imbeded systems too. StrongARM is
> another version (faster ? async ?).

StrongARM is a new chip that ARM designed in partnership with DEC. It
provides more performance, but still at fairly low power levels so it's
suitable for embedded/portable designs.

The asynchronous ARM (AMULET, it's called) is still just a research
project at the moment.

> > and why 8086?
> Want a cheap terminal/router/... ?

Well, again, I think the 8086 stuff is mostly going to be useful for
embeddable applications. If you want a router, you will probably need
more performance than an 8086 can give you.


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