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    SubjectRe: Games
       Date: 	Fri, 07 Jun 1996 22:41:31 -0600
    From: Warner Losh <>

    : It seems SGI found a performance problem with X. (Someone here
    : said the X protocol becomes a severe bottleneck on high-end
    : graphics hardware, but I'd heard about the CAD a long time ago.)

    SGI has known about the bottleneck for years. Likely the CAD system
    uses some flavor of SGL or OpenGL. SGI has special hooks in their X
    server to give greater performance than X could deliver.

    Also, as far as I know, ONYX boxes have video cards which implement
    the complete OPENGL library on the card in microcode. Else, another
    solution has been to allow local clients to mmap() areas of the frame
    buffer into their address space (this is what sundgadoom on the Sparcs
    do). This second approach doesn't work on video cards which lack
    direct access to a frame buffer, for example some eat only graphics
    commands and direct frame buffer changes are only possible via DMA
    reads/writes from main memory.

    David S. Miller

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