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Subjectmd in 1.99.14
Marc & list,

I've a bit of a problem with md-035... (The least of which was that the 034
tools assume Raid1 in the kernel, which it isn't... :-) )

On boot up, my system tries to mount all swap with "swapon -a". My swap is
now on /dev/md0, however...

When the swapon command runs, the md driver issues a "md0 not started"
message and then I get something about ll_bw being bad and the system hangs.

Why does "md" attempt to do _anything_ other than return EINVAL on a
non-running md device? I take it that swapon would notice that the open
failed entirely...

Also, Marc, can I suggest you clarify at what stage of system start-up mdadd
will work? I _think_ it needs /proc and, if using modules, kerneld running.
At least. But I'm not sure... :-)

Ho hum... I'll keep at it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

-- Peter

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