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SubjectRe: The World After Linux-2.0 (Was: Re: Linux-2.0)

In article <> you write:
>> NFSv3 ?
>> ATM ? (I know W. Almesberger is working on it)
>Will be going into the 2.1 networking
>> PA-RISC port ?
>I'd like to see this especially given all the rumours about the P7 chip
>> Linux on SGI boxes ?
>In progress
>> Anything else ? Anything already implemented ?
>DECnet hopefully

At last! This will hopefully prove a great bonus for Linux. Many
people have to support DECnet (those on VAX based networks), and
getting a PC to support DECnet is a lot easier than getting a VMS
machine to do TCP/IP, but apart from that Pathworks is just a sham.

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