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SubjectPS/2 Mouse can freeze 1.99.12
This is a "blind" bug report I am currently not subscribed to this
list so this can be a known problem.

I got a new Pentium last monday with Triton chipset and PS/2 mouse. I
decided to use 1.99.12 and kerneld. I found if I hit the button of
the PS/2 mouse when the driver is not installed the keyboard freezes.
No console switching, nothing. It is reproducible. I still have not
investigated if this affects console output or telnet. In case this
has an influence it is a W... 95 keyboard.
It does not happen if I load the driver, unload it and then use the
mouse, only on a "fresh" Linux. The conclusion is: use insmod in the
startup or a non-modularized driver but for now avoid letting kerneld
loading the module unless you are using xdm.


Jean Francois Martinez

Join the Free World side in the holy war against Microsoft's Evil Empire.
(Ronald Reagan)

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