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SubjectPre 14 & Ext2/Libs?
Previously working system: Pre 12, same libs, same build opts.

Compiled Pre 14 and rebooted without a problem. Now getting errors from

pc12:/usr/src# cd /usr/src/linux
pc12:/usr/src/linux# make clean
make: execvp: make: Not a directory
make: *** [archclean] Error 127

Pertinent information:

LibC 5.3.12

Also received a similar error from a 'tar xvfz Wine-960606.tar.gz'.
Circumvented by gzip -d first and then just tar xvf. Looks to be related
to forking off new processes?

Any assistance gratefully received.


Mark (who is off to check the changes file and victims page again for
anything changing from pre 12 to pre 14).

Mark Cooke The views expressed above are mine
Systems Programmer and do not reflect in any way the
University Of Birmingham current policy of my employers.

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