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SubjectRe: Games
>>>>> "AC" == Albert Cahalan <> writes:

AC> One really important standard is the Borland BGI graphics. It may
AC> be easier to put that on top of GGI than on top of X.

No, please don't! If BGI is such a useful standard, why should we
limit it to machines which don't run X? Or require that we flip
between X and BGI apps? If someone wanted BGI, they could write an X
library which set up a window and translated BGI calls to X calls in
that window. That way we also wouldn't be limited by otherwise useful
apps being stuck on console only.

AC> I've heard that the really high-end CAD and rendering software for
AC> the SGI bypasses X to get at the video hardware directly. It
AC> seems SGI found a performance problem with X.

That's because the high-end graphics hardware on SGIs is more powerful
than the entire system you wrote that message with. X was never
designed with ultra-powerful 3d in mind... I don't think it was
designed with 3d in mind at all, witness OpenGL.

AC> BTW, can we do something about the keyboard? If SAK can't be in
AC> version 2.0, then make raw keyboard mode for the superuser only.

I agree, I want SAK in raw mode. Why hasn't this been incorporated?
It wouldn't seem like it would cause many problems, and with some
other setup it can be used to recover from svgalib and X crashes.

Alan Shutko <> - The Few, the Proud, the Remaining.
IBM: Insultingly Boring Microcomputers

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