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SubjectRe: Linux 2.0
Just say NO - to Linux 2.0 - I am logged in to my linux machines at work
from home - just downloaded 13 from - all compiled well -
rebooted well - and now it seems to be eating the first character of
everything - starting with the login prompt - ls (an alias in tcsh) gives
a blank screen - /bin/ls produces some junk (a few garbled characters) -
1.99.12 was perfect minutes before - this happens on 3 different machines -
I am logged in to a Sun via kermit on go from there to my linux machines.
12 was perfect (for me - except for the mmap patch which did some good),
so was 11, so was 10, so was 9, so was .... - pre2.0.13 aka Linux 2.0
is worse than Windows 95 :-) - "may God strike you down".

I'll see what the screens say, when I get to work and sit right at the


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