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SubjectPre2.0.13 & Pre2.0.12 problems
Pre2.0.13 breaks in.telnetd.  It appears that characters are getting
dropped. This is over ethernet, libc 5.3.12, telnetd from the
NetKit-B-0.06. Telnet had previously been working. There's too much
other traffic to send straight tcpdump output. What exactly am I
looking for?

I removed /usr/include/sys/uio.h and recompiled and relinked telnetd
but that had no effect. The dropped characters only appear to be
coming from telnetd side, and other protocols like NFS do not appear
to be affected.

I got a system freeze on pre2.0.12 while linking the first pre2.0.13
kernel I built with the messages:
Jun 6 10:02:55 deanna kernel: Couldn't get a free page.....
Jun 6 10:03:25 deanna last message repeated 3 times
Jun 6 10:04:25 deanna last message repeated 6 times
Jun 6 10:05:25 deanna last message repeated 6 times
Jun 6 10:06:15 deanna last message repeated 5 times

-- baur
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