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SubjectRe: Pre2.0.13 & Pre2.0.12 problems


On 6 Jun 1996, Steven L Baur wrote:
> Pre2.0.13 breaks in.telnetd. It appears that characters are getting
> dropped. This is over ethernet, libc 5.3.12, telnetd from the
> NetKit-B-0.06. Telnet had previously been working. There's too much
> other traffic to send straight tcpdump output. What exactly am I
> looking for?

It's not the networking, despite the fact that most of the patches were
to networking. It's the pty's that got subtly buggered, and it was so
subtly that the _only_ think that broke was incoming telnet, rlogin and
the remote exec stuff, which is why I didn't notice until I got home and
tried to connect to the university..

Thank god for ssh, which did _not_ break.

I'll be making a pre2.0.14 in just a few minutes, to get rid of the curse of
the number 13. Boy was that a unlucky number to try a final pre2.0 with ;-)


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