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SubjectRe: No atime

> Actually, we could do something like this. I think it was Alan Cox (or
> possibly Eric Young) who first suggested that we could use the gcc
> attribute feature to put certain procedure into a separate ELF section,
> so that at the end of the boot sequence, those pages could be
> marked as being reusable. It would require doing some GCC-specific
> features, but it shouldn't require any special as or ld hacks.

Actually it was me who had that idea to reduce the kernel memory
footprint by moving the detection/init/whatever code into a separate ELF
section. On last years devellopers conference in Berlin I first talked
with Eric and then Alan about it.

Due to the fact that almost all systems were still running a.out kernels at
that time, we postponed this project to a point of time when the ELF
migration would have been completed. Eventually this project got almost


"Linux was made by foreign terrorists to take money from true US
companies like Microsoft." -- Some AOL'er.

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