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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
On Jun 6,  1:14am, Jamie Lokier wrote:

> Here's my ramblings on the topic. I'd ignore them if I were you -- you
> must be bored with this thread by now.
Well, I read them anyway :) This thread doesn't belong in linux-kernel
though, is there a better place for it?
> Lots of people don't use X, because it uses lots of memory (only a
> problem for small machines), and because some people don't like it. I
> personally don't use X except when I have to, simply because, with my
> low-quality monitor, it gives me eye strain and a headache. (Guaranteed,
> after a couple of hours). Text mode is fine. Thus I would very much
> dislike being forced to use the X GUI to spawn graphics programs.
IMHO the best option would be a XFree86 Lite (and a normal one
that people with lots of memory could use)
There are a lot of completely unused (for most people that is) extensions
and support for zillions of boards in the current X servers.
XFree86 should be changed to do something like AccelX, which has the
drivers for the boards as modules it loads on the fly.

Improving XFree86 like this instead of a linux-only solution like
GGI would benefit the other free x86 *nixes as well.

There should also be a fullscreen program running on top of X
that would behave and look just like the current text-mode, VC's etc.
(with some extensions that are not possible in text-mode). The same
program would work on any other box running X, so we could all enjoy
the nice textmode linux has on every machine we use ;) (and those who
like X, like I do, could continue using it with all the extensions and bloat)

Pekka Pietik{inen, Net People Ltd., Oulu, Finland

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