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SubjectINN and AIC7770 [was: Re: Pentium memcpy patch]
>>>>> "Albert" == Albert Cahalan <> writes:

Albert> The news server would be an ideal place to put the patch.
Albert> I think the bit errors might be caused by bad hardware,
Albert> not a bug. The author even said so. Other Linux changes
Albert> have been shown to make bad hardware overheat and/or just
Albert> have a timing problem. If you go really fast, you get to
Albert> test the hardware.

Sure. But we already have too much problems with our news server :-)

I'd like to know if someone is running inn1.4 on an EISA PC, with
AIC7770 SCSI ctrl, with /usr/lib/news on one channel and /news on the
other one. We can't have it running for more a few days. This is with
kernels 1.3.57, 1.3.8x, 1.3.9x and 1.3.100. We had to switch the
server to a PCI machine with a 53C810 card.

e-mail: voice-mail: (+33) 87-74-99-38
surface-mail: Supelec, 2 rue E. Belin, F-57078 Metz Cedex 3

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