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SubjectRe: Pentium memcpy patch
>>>>> "Robert" == Robert L Krawitz <> writes:

>> I'm dubious about using the pentium-memcpy patch as the author
>> says he sees bit errors with the patch when operating under high
>> load.

Robert> I'm the only one who's seen this happen (and I'm the author
Robert> of the patch). These errors went away for a while when I
Robert> sped up the memory timing (you read that right) on my
Robert> motherboard, but have since returned (possibly with the
Robert> onset of warmer weather). I'm starting to think that it's a
Robert> thermal problem of some kind. Maybe when I run my air
Robert> conditioner harder they'll go away again.

The patch still doesn't work for me. It worked fine until the pre-2
patches, but now the system just hangs here during boot:

Linux version 1.99.12 ( (gcc version 2.7.2) #11-pre-2.0 Tue Jun 4 17:45:04 EDT 1996
Booting processor 1 stack 00002000: Calibrating delay loop.. ok - 39.94 BogoMIPS
Total of 2 processors activated (79.77 BogoMIPS).

So it doesn't work for everyone. I have have 2 P-100's, Neptune chipset,

-- Jon
Jonathan Aseltine ~ Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA ~ Natural
Language Processing, CS Dept. ~

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