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SubjectRe: Networking Patches
> important (and I mean _IMPORTANT_) missing please scream loudly at this point
> and before thursday. This is your LAST chance.

There are two minor typos in skbuff.c -- not fatal, but they might as
well be fixed. (see below) Also, here are some additions to your list.

> Cosmetic/Experimental Only
> --------------------------

LANCE driver doesn't grok rev II of PCI chip [fix posted earlier]
Console floods with ip_queue_glue messages when sprayed/attacked.
Console text flash on RHS of screen during scroll [outw vs outb_p]
SCSI won't compile without /proc [posted fix earlier]
Can't "un-choose" old hd driver once selected [posted fix earlier]
Updated ksymoops from A. Rubini that uses /proc/ksyms for modules

Here is the skb patch. There is an unused "flags" in one of the __skb
routines, and somewhere else it is declared without the unsigned.


--- linux/net/core/skbuff.c~ Thu Jun 6 13:00:10 1996
+++ linux/net/core/skbuff.c Thu Jun 6 13:02:45 1996
@@ -283,7 +283,6 @@

void __skb_queue_tail(struct sk_buff_head *list_, struct sk_buff *newsk)
- unsigned long flags;
struct sk_buff *list = (struct sk_buff *)list_;

if (newsk->next || newsk->prev)
@@ -308,7 +307,7 @@

struct sk_buff *skb_dequeue(struct sk_buff_head *list_)
- long flags;
+ unsigned long flags;
struct sk_buff *result;
struct sk_buff *list = (struct sk_buff *)list_;

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