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SubjectGA5486, can't reboot (2)
>>>>> "Herbert" == Herbert Rosmanith <> writes:

Herbert> I have a a5486 board, which does not reboot. after
Herbert> unmounting all filesystems and writing "Rebooting", the
Herbert> screen goes blank, but after that you'll wait infinitely on
Herbert> a reboot. under m$/dos, rebooting works. is it done a
Herbert> different way (i.e. jmp far fffffff0) ?

I think the BIOS reboots from MSDOS, the same way as Linux does it.
I have several motherboards for which this doesn't work (maybe they are
all misconfigured). So, I have a patch, if you are interested, which
reboots in much the way you suggested. (I.e., switch to real mode and
jump to the BIOS reset routine).

-- Jamie

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