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SubjectRe: Compiling kernel without gcc

>>>>> duxmike <> writes:

>> > We were looking at putting together a FSF-free Linux distribution.
>> Why do this? (Other than seeing if it can be done).
>> What's the "problem" with gnu software?

> Some people like mustard on their burgers, some dont :). I think there is
> room in the Linux 'market' for this kind of free software product. The market
> is growing quite rapidly and some people dont want to be dependent on the
> FSF, just like many people refuse to have Microsoft on there hard drives.

But one of the major benefits of free software is that there is no
dependency on a single source. If you don't like what the FSF is doing
with the code, you can make your own distribution of, say, gcc. Witness
the Pentium Compiler Group.


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