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SubjectSwap problems (was 3 errors/suggestions (pre-2.0.x))

Since I didn't get back my original mails to the maillinglist I
attach it at the end.

The machine runs more a less 5 types of (server-) programs:
3 of them are started once and don't fork
2 of them are started and fork themselves (very often)
(The 2 forking processes communicate with the "outside world" and the
the 3 nonforking processes over TCP connections.)
From time to time the kernel writes the following messages:
kernel: Hmm.. Trying to use unallocated swap (........)
kernel: swap_duplicate: trying to duplicate unused page
kernel: swap_free: swap-space map bad (entry ........)
Then one of the 2 forking processes (completly different programs)
didn't work anymore; the fork() call work's but the child get a segv
in the first new() call. The parent process (and "old" children)
didn't have a problem (the parent process only accept() and fork())
If I kill the parent process (a new program of that type will be
restarted) all seems ok; the swapping errors go away after a short
time (say 1 minute); maybe one of the "old" children cause the delayed
swap errors (each child exit after a timeout).

old mails:

Asus P55TP4N with 512kB sync cache
128 MB RAM
Miro 12SD (only console mode)
Adaptec AHA2940UW
2x Quantum XP34300W (4GB FastWide)
3Com 3C509 (active)
3Com 3C590 (not active)

slackware 3.0 based ELF installation :-(but the server programs are a.out)
kernel version 1.99.9
libc 5.2.18 (a.out 4.7.2)
server programs are C++ code compiled with gcc/g++ 2.6.3 and linked
against libc-4.6.27

1.) I got many (over 5000 in 3 days) of the following messages with
1.99.9 (also with 1.3.97); the messages are sorted and uniq
kernel: swap_duplicate: trying to duplicate unused page
kernel: swap_free: swap-space map bad (entry 00033200)
[18 lines with different addresses deleted]

The machine is a type of WWW server (with database); sometimes there
are up to about 600 processes and a cat /proc/sys/kernel/*-nr gives
2432 (file-nr)
5840 4962 (inode-nr)
(Yes, I changed NR_INODE to 8192, NR_FILE to 4096 and NR_TASKS to 2048)
The problem is, that I cannot reproduce the swap errors; I wrote a little
C program, which obtain much memory (200 MB), write to that memory, read
and free it -> no swap errors :-(
It seems, that one of the server processes didn't work when the swapping
errors begin (this processes does fork()'s for each request; the fork
seems to work, but then the child get a segv)

2.) Is it possible to raise the fd limit per process before 2.0? IMHO 256
fd's per process is too less today.

3.) sys_socket calls get_fd; IMHO, if that fail (because of ENFILE or EMFILE)
the return value should be E[NM]FILE not EINVAL.

Let me know if I can help tracking down the problem
(I will try pre2.0.12 today)

Thanks in advance


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| Bernhard Heidegger, Graz University of Technology, Austria |
Worst day playing is better than best day working!

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