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SubjectRe: List sluggishness, and occasional deletion of people from the list
> > ( Normally I would let VGERs real admins do the organizing
> > job, but David Miller went to SGI for some project ... )
> David may be at SGI for the summer, but I am still here at
> Rutgers. What do you need done specifically?

Adding more relay servers naturally :)
We will talk privately about it.

However most need I have for *.de, and *.uk exploders to
get them out of
(To give long queues to those top-level domains to be somebody
else's headache, especially as I can't reach some *.de domains
at all, because ALTERNET doesn't peer with NORDUnet/ICPNET
about them... well, I can just guess about the reasons, but
the fact is, that I can't reach,,,,,,,,, ... Well, perhaps all of them are not of
ALTERNET customers, some go via DGIX -- if you know the

.. wait a minute, perhaps my complaints to ALTERNET have
helped, now I can reach,,,
and perhaps most of the others too. is not
ALTERNET customer, though.

Too bad I already deleted those users from the lists.
(Yes, I am trigger happy -- if I start getting timeout reports,
that is, message has been undeliverable for 3 days (3*24h),
I will mercilessly delete such recipients. In this case
I tried to be lenient, and tolerated it for a week, but
apparently I didn't wait long enough for the ALTERNET to
fix whatever was wrong. A few more hours might have done
saved those recipients. No word from ALTERNET helpdesk,
though.. not even an email reception acknowledge.)

> Tom
> Tom Dyas

/Matti Aarnio <> <>

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