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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
Jamie Lokier said:
> >>>>> "Theodore" == Theodore Y Ts'o <> writes:
> Theodore> If you make the routines VESA complaint, then they can't
> Theodore> take advantage of any of the card-specific accelerated
> Theodore> features. This means that performance of the X server
> Theodore> will go *down* as a result.
> Yes, but at least you can run X at all. I have an nfsroot setup here at
> the office, where any of the other PCs can run Linux using mine as the
> server, using a 16kB DOS program. This serves as a nice introduction to
> Linux for those who want to play, without installing it. Unfortunately,
> I can't impress everyone with a nice X setup because there is no X
> server available for about half of the video cards :-(.

Your not "The Jamie Lokier" of Oxford are you?

What video cards do you have then? Xmono and XSVGA in 320x200 runs on
just about any card. Or you could buy the Xinside server which supports
the high end cards missing in XFree.

> That said, VESA _could_ be done in user mode using vm86, the way dosemu
> does it.

If you really want to do something, I think the buggy VESA BIOS is not the
way. Take something like the Windows or autocad drivers (which _everyone gets
with their card), they already supports a Windowing (sic) API. The WinNT
drivers even use 32bit code.

Jon. <,>

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