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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.

On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, Alan Shutko wrote:

> >>>>> "HS" == Henning Schmiedehausen <> writes:
> HS> You may want to reconsider your standpoint. Not all Linux machines
> HS> out there are X machines.
> No, but a lot of them are. I, for one, would be very upset if any
> game I had assumed that I didn't use X and refused to work with it. I
> have the memory for X, I want the capabilities that X allows, and I do
> _not_ want to get locked in by any app which foolishly assumes that X
> is evil.
> You could simply have your game work with X and SVGAlib. That would
> let your game work now, rather than arguing that we need some all
> encompassing driver standard. Maelstrom, Abuse, Executor have all
> done it, and they work.
> In that way, you don't have to include a full-fledged X distribution.
> If they have X and want to use it, they could. If they don't like it,
> they don't have to use it.
> If you really want an API in the kernel, work on defining one. Once
> you have one which will satisfy all cards, we can start this argument
> again.
> --
> Alan Shutko <> - The Few, the Proud, the Remaining.
> IBM: I've Been Mauled

Hello?????? all those games SUCK, and SUCK bad compared to almost any
good dos game. I mean please, dos is slow and very unflexable. I mean if
its such a problem make the vesa 1.2 (or v2.0) driver a module or at
least make it a module option. The fact remains, if linux is to be
supported by game developers it needs to have the basic video support

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