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SubjectRe: Linux USB support?
> > For what it's worth, I'd love to see USB support in the kernel, too.
> > Do you have any info on the standard you'd share? I'd be interested
> > in doing some work in that area, too. I'd hafta buy a new motherboard,
> > but I'll hafta do that sometime soon anyway.

USB support _will_ be developed. I suppose that it is possible that
it won't make it to the standard kernel sources, but with module
support being so good, that really doesn't matter.

> > I'll scrounge around for USB info, and if you'll do the same,
> > perhaps we can do/see some preliminary work on it for 2.1 (if I
> > can stay interested in Linux for that long... Linus' attitude
> > lately is beginning to annoy me. :-)
> Think all the fun is there. Most of it in pdf though =(
> Christopher

pdf is not a problem. If you are using Red Hat (or a derivative that
uses rpm) get xpdf from the Red Hat ftp site. If you are not using
Red Hat, check out:

Of course this stuff does require X. :)

I have been using xpdf to review the USB docs.


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