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SubjectRe: List sluggishness, and occasional deletion of people from the list
> 	One other note.
> Many, many many people with *.com domains have their dns
> terribly misconfigured.
> I have to set up explicit routes for people to get
> mail to them on at times, as their domains as so
> badly broken.
> I will be contacting the internic about these "Lame" domains
> very soon, and having them suspend domains where there are no dns
> servers answering for the domain, which cause delays in relaying
> others mail.
> Also at the time where these date stamps mention,
> was not relaying the mail. Another site was if i recall correctly. was being used as a temporary .com exploder at
that time. Poor dogbert ran out of /var space among other things while
handling the mail. Blame it all on that ultra-secure, super-fast
sendmail program. (sic) :)


Tom Dyas
Network Operations Group
Rutgers University Computing Services 908-445-5683

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