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SubjectRe: Problems with INN and new libc/ etc

On 31 May 1996, Martin Vernon wrote:

> Hi ...
> I've isolated a problem lately since upgrading my original Salckware 3.0
> system to libc-5.2.18, and gcc-2.7.2 (other non connected
> upgrades as well).

> I originally assumed that INN was affected by this new flock() handling
> and recompiled (as this fixed sendmail-8.7.5 for me) but it had no effect
> at all.
I also got these:

Jun 4 16:37:23 memory sendmail[1176]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): cannot
lockf(/etc/aliases.dir, fd=4, type=2, omode=37777777777, euid=0): Device or
resource busy

I am still installing INN so I thought that INN caused some problems with my
sendmail setup, but maybe I should recompile sendmail.
These messages started with kernel pre2.0.7 or so. I also have,
gcc-2.7.2 and libc-5.2.18. I now removed the aliases.dir and aliases.pag
files and it seems to be running now, but I thought that sendmail needs
these files ????

I don`t know if this is kernel specific, but suddenly started after
upgrading to a new kernel.

I will try to compile sendmail, maybe this solves the problem for me....

> These are the errors returned by running nntpsend manually as news :-
I haven`t used nntpsend yet, so I can`t comment on this....

> Now I realise that this isn't a kernel issue as such, rather one of
> lib, gcc or ld but has it raises a few questions :-
> 1. Has anyone else experienced this - if so what is the fix ?
Yeah, kind of - dunno :-)))
> 2. Can some notes be added to the Changes file to warn of the potential
> problem ?
Good Idea

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