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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, Eric A Schweitz wrote:

> lilo just spouted off:
> >
> > > Rudely interrupting, this seems like the cart pulling the horse
> > > thinking. Your project may be the holy grail of graphics programming
> > > (or not). But, if it is the holy grail, why does it need the Linux
> > > kernel to make its mark? It should stand or fall on its own merit.
> > > Linus needs to evaluate what the majority of users of Linux want/need,
> > > and try to minimize gratuitous feature-bloat, else his user-base will
> > > find someone/something that does meet their needs.
> >
> > Rudely interrupting, indeed. (1) If every kernel feature were designed for
> > the use of the majority of Linux users, we would have no drivers.
> Obviously, my comments went right over your head. If Linux had no
> drivers, people would be using something else.

This is stretching the definition of the term 'driver' a bit, but
I see your point.

> > (2) What is good for graphics programmers is good for graphics users.
> Ah, but what is good for graphics programmers might NOT be good for
> graphics users. And more importantly, that extra goodness for those
> graphics programmers might negatively impact other programmers and
> users. While sounding good, you've made a fallacious statement.

You don't know that. It might be true, but it doesn't look that
way so far.

> > (3) A lot of
> > games programmers don't program for Linux because it's an inadequate
> > environment for their needs. Game users tend to be a very large constituent
> > of the major commercial operating systems, because they are a large
> > constituent of computer users. If you want to scorn large influxes of
> > potentially satisfied Linux users, you are free to.
> I didn't scorning anyone. I wasn't scorning GGI, its proponents,
> Linux, its proponents, nor anyone else. Jon understood this.

I did, and your point about the GGI ultimately standing or
falling on its own merits is well taken. Still, there's a point to be
made here in the abstract as well.

Jon Taylor = <> | <>
"Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites.
Moderation is for monks." - Lazarus Long

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