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SubjectRe: status 02400 messages
In article <>,
"Kevin Stallard" <> writes:
> Subject: Time: 12:08 PM
> OFFICE MEMO status 02400 messages Date: 6/3/96
>I am using a 486dx2-66
> 48 megs of ram
> Intel Ether Express (10baseT) network adapter
> svga
> linux kernel 1.3.85
>Anyway, I am getting regular eth0:CU wedged, status 02400 0000, resetting.....
>messages. It's keeping me from reading my NFS server.
>I didn't get these untill I changed motherboards in my system. Used to work

Use a newer kernel. The old driver for this networkcard didn't work
well under heavy load. I am not shure, but in the early 90 versions the
driver was almost completely rewritten. And it does work fine for me
now! (Did you upgrade your motherboard to a faster one? This might
explain the errors, as this will increase the load on the card with NFS.

Jan Kees Joosse

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