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SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue/SCSI hangups

>>> SCSI with AHA1542 cannot be loaded entirely as module: SCSI DMA seems to
>>> get corrupted (most obviously when accessing a CD-ROM).
>This is the config I am using, and I've had no problems.
This problem seems to be somewhat specific in its appearance.

I now have all of the relevant SCSI code built into my 1.99.10 kernel
(and have had for the past few releases) but still get a hung system
whenever I try to tar from a SCSI disk to a SCSI tape (Exabyte).

I have had extremely good help from the local Exabyte support people so
I am sure that that side is set up correctly and equally confident that
my Adaptec 1542C and IBM DPES-31080 are also correctly configured.

This setup used to work with 1.2.13 but now fails consistently.

My kernel and apps are all ELF built with GCC 2.7.2 and what I thought was
5.3.12 but on checking see is 5.3.9 libc.

I am only guessing, but Alan's suggestion of timing/interrupt problems
sounds good to me.

>>Steps to reproduce the problem:
>>- Compile a kernel with scsi.
>>- Load aha1542 and sr_mod.
>>- Mount a CD-ROM.
>> -> SCSI DMA out-of-memory, disabling scatter-gather, ...
>Does the error occur immediately?
>My configuration:
>Linux nevets 1.99.9 #6-pre-2.0 Sat Jun 1 08:47:54 EDT 1996 i486
>pure a.out system
>gcc version 2.7.2
>AHA 1542CF

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