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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
>>>>> "HS" == Henning Schmiedehausen <> writes:

HS> You may want to reconsider your standpoint. Not all Linux machines
HS> out there are X machines.

No, but a lot of them are. I, for one, would be very upset if any
game I had assumed that I didn't use X and refused to work with it. I
have the memory for X, I want the capabilities that X allows, and I do
_not_ want to get locked in by any app which foolishly assumes that X
is evil.

You could simply have your game work with X and SVGAlib. That would
let your game work now, rather than arguing that we need some all
encompassing driver standard. Maelstrom, Abuse, Executor have all
done it, and they work.

In that way, you don't have to include a full-fledged X distribution.
If they have X and want to use it, they could. If they don't like it,
they don't have to use it.

If you really want an API in the kernel, work on defining one. Once
you have one which will satisfy all cards, we can start this argument

Alan Shutko <> - The Few, the Proud, the Remaining.
IBM: I've Been Mauled

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