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SubjectRe: ps2 mouse
> At 10:31 AM 6/3/96 -0500, you wrote:
> >I am having problems using a ps2 style mouse. I have kernel support
> >for it, but when I do a gpm -t ps2 or startx, I get resource unavailable. It
> >used to work on this system, but since kernel 1.99.*, it seems to be
> >broken.
> >
> Are you SURE you have it enabled? Does "dmesg" show ps2 port? Does
> /proc/devices show psaux?
> The ps/2 config changed in one of the latest patches so you may have to
> "make config" again and ensure you choose PS/2 support.
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/proc/devices does not show psaux, but i think thats ok, since it shows
misc and /proc/misc shows ps2aux

/dev/mouse -> /dev/psaux

when i try to get into x or start gpm, it gives:
gpm:/dev/mouse: device or resource busy
x: cannot open mouse

dmesg shows:
PS/2 auxiliary pointing device detected -- driver installed.

i have a system w/ identical hardware w/ kernel 1.3.81 and it works fine.

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