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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
> Sure. It's convenient to just say "do it in the kernel".
> In short, it's convenient to try to shuffle onto somebody else. That
> somebody else happens to be ME, which is why I don't think it's in the
> least convenient, I just think it's a horribly braindead idea.

We're not asking you to write it. You can even let someone else send
you big conglomerate patches instead of hundreds of tiny ones.

>>>> Trust me, we're not talking VGA here. We're talking _high_ end graphics,
>>>> that don't have frame-buffers because that interferes with the normal
>>>> mode of operations (painting the screen) for no real good reason (the
>>>> actual drawing is then done using screen commands and/or DMA to the card
>>>> to fill a area with data).
>>> Are you thinking of the XGA? That's the only card I can think of that
>>> uses DMA.
> Get your mind out of the gutter of PC hardware.. It seems some of the SGI
> graphics card use DMA exclusively, for example. And I wouldn't call the SGI
> graphics hardware exactly broken..

Well then, how does a user-space driver use DMA?

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