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SubjectRe: Nasty bug in SBPCD or CD layers
> I suspect it is a "mixed" CD with one data (the first) and several
> audio tracks?

No audio tracks.

> : It takes an eject by the cdp program to get the drive back sane.
> Which is "the cdp program"? What is it doing with the driver during play?

cdp is the program I used to play audio. Once I've triggered an audio play
I can eject/remount/eject/remount and get nothing but disk errors until
cdp does an eject (I think it also does a stop on the play).

> What do you think is the "unsane" aspect?

Being able as a user to screw (even though its not permanent) a mounted
file system. If this happens to be /usr on say a "live file system" based
machine you are in deep crap ;)

> Which would be a "sane" behavior? Not to allow audio playing while the
> data track is mounted, or just to abort the audio playing if a data access
> occurs?

I would have expected EBUSY when it tried to do both at once.


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