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SubjectRe: 1.99.10: can't umount nfs/CD-ROM
At 09:30 AM 6/3/96 -0700, you wrote:
> I'm observing what appears to be a bug in (probably) the nfs
>code. If I mount a CDROM locally, access it, then umount it, there are
>no problems. But if I mount a CDROM locally (and export it), then NFS
>mount it from another machine on my LAN, access it, and try to umount it,
>I may or may not be able to. I get: device busy

I'll add my two cents on another behaviour...If a remote NFS mount goes away
you can't unmount the point. You'll get an error on RPC timeout (i.e.
statfs()). This causes a problem with "df" as it will wait for what seems
like forever timing out on the mount point. How 'bout a "forced unmount"?
Is this possible?
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