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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Eric A Schweitz wrote:

> Rudely interrupting, this seems like the cart pulling the horse
> thinking. Your project may be the holy grail of graphics programming
> (or not). But, if it is the holy grail, why does it need the Linux
> kernel to make its mark? It should stand or fall on its own merit.
> Linus needs to evaluate what the majority of users of Linux want/need,
> and try to minimize gratuitous feature-bloat, else his user-base will
> find someone/something that does meet their needs.

Rudely interrupting, indeed. (1) If every kernel feature were designed for
the use of the majority of Linux users, we would have no drivers. (2) What
is good for graphics programmers is good for graphics users. (3) A lot of
games programmers don't program for Linux because it's an inadequate
environment for their needs. Game users tend to be a very large constituent
of the major commercial operating systems, because they are a large
constituent of computer users. If you want to scorn large influxes of
potentially satisfied Linux users, you are free to.


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