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SubjectCDROM drivers not apt for kerneld
There is a problem in the two CDROM drivers I use: when the CDROM driver is
initialized it resets the device. The device answers and then it tests
if there is a CDROM loaded. If a program accesses the device during the
test (a couple of seconds) this fails with the message "no CD in drive".
This is a problem if you are using kerneld. The first mounting of the
CD always fails.

Also some people are complaining because during installation the mounting
of the root device is failing. I had this when using an installation
who used the CDROM as a root device. I had to install from floppies.
The people affected by this are mostly beginners so the problem is

I suggest the "no CD in drive" is not returned to the application if
the driver has been started from less than 5 seconds. Otherwise sleep
1 second and retry.

The following pseudo-code describes the idea:

do {
if (status != NO_DISK_IN_DRIVE) break;
while ( time_since_driver_init() > FIVE_SECONDS || sleep(ONE_SECOND));

if ( status != SUCCESS) return (failure(status));



Jean Francois Martinez

Join the Free World side in the holy war against Microsoft's Evil Empire.
(Ronald Reagan)

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