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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
Jon Taylor just said:
> If we were in the kernel, a LOT more people would see the code
> and more people would be available to help. It wouldn't affect anything
> if it were't compiled in, and if it were clearly marked as being alpha
> code and didn't show up when that don't-show-alpha-options switch is
> turned on , what would be the harm? There's other alpha stuff in there
> too. I think we deserve a shot. If we find out that it won't work
> after all, if it dies on the vine (not likely), or if for some other
> reason it doesn't work out, it can be pruned out at some later date. No
> big deal. All I have to do is convince Linus....

Rudely interrupting, this seems like the cart pulling the horse
thinking. Your project may be the holy grail of graphics programming
(or not). But, if it is the holy grail, why does it need the Linux
kernel to make its mark? It should stand or fall on its own merit.
Linus needs to evaluate what the majority of users of Linux want/need,
and try to minimize gratuitous feature-bloat, else his user-base will
find someone/something that does meet their needs.


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