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Path: not-for-mail
From: Olaf Titz <>
Subject: Re: noblink (was Re: [POSIX.6] Patches uploaded)
Message-ID: <>
Date: 03 Jun 1996 09:46:37 +0200
References: <4oqud4$>
Organization: private Linux site, southern Germany
Lines: 19

<> wrote:
> >I may be out of it, and this may be off-topic, but doesn't setterm do this?
> >setterm -blink on|off
> How about colour cursors? Does setterm do BLOCK cursor rather
> than underline too? the noblink package does... give it a go... It was

All that setterm does is send a few escape sequences. The code to
_interpret_ them is in the noblink patch. If you don't have that
installed the setterm does nothing.

Btw., I definitely vote for the noblink patch into the mainstream
kernel (have an LCD myself :-)

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