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SubjectProblem: block on freelist at 00000000 isn't free

The subject is copied exactly from the screen of a machine
running pre2.0.6 Of course, we couldn't do anything on the
machine except hit control-alt-delete. It's clear how this
error message is being produced in kmalloc.c, but I don't
know where to look for what kind of problem could have
caused it.

It appears to be working now on reboot. There is no evidence of
any Oops message preceding this in the syslog, and several of
these messages *did* get logged in the syslog. In case it matters,
this machine has a BusLogic BT-946C SCSI controller and 3c595 ethernet,
64MB of memory, and a 100Mhz pentium (FWIW...). It is under
fairly heavy network load but much lower disk load.


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