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SubjectRe: tcp connections freezing
> >I'm having a problem where virtually any program will freeze when it tries
> >to receive or send over 1k (1024 bytes) of data. If I try to ftp to (or
> >from) the machine, I'll get 1k transferred and the ftp will die. Same
> >thing with an irc client, lynx, etc... I haven't been able to get a tcp
> Can you please test 1.99.10 and see if it still exhibits the problem?
> The TCP retransmission and timer code has been reworked in this version
> and is hopefully more solid.

I did some more checking today, and found that 1492 is the true magic
number. With a mtu on eth0 of 1492 or less, it works perfectly. With the
mtu over 1492 (including 1500), everything freezes when a lot of data
transfers (usually I can't even manage to view a motd/message on
irc/ftp/telnet/etc)... I am now running 1.99.10 on this machine. I am
still clueless to what is causing the problem; I am running a
near-identical machine under 1.3.94 elsewhere that has been up for almost
2 months without a problem. The 1.99.10 machine also gives me the 'socket
destroy delayed' messages constantly, and has ever since about 1.3.74.

Brian Pape

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