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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
My $.02 :

There are meny things that are in the kernel, as I saw in the letter
which sparked me to write something, that maybe people don't need. For
example, I don't have any networking options except SLIP installed.
However, I like knowing that the other things are there should I need them.

Thusly, I must be for adding everything under the sun with a config option.

However, Think about it this way: Linux is approaching it's second
"stable release version", version 2.0. Now then, I'm going to make a
metaphor here, so for those persons who don't grasp English as well, you
may want to grab a partner. If you drive, say a '72 American Motors
Hornet, and its body is rusted out, and the fender is dented in, but the
engine needs a tune up, which do you spend your money on? Naturally, if
it's the car you need to get to work, you fix the engine first, and deal
with asthetics (sp) later. Yeah, it may look like hell, and it may be an
eyesore, but it gets you from point A to point B, and if it does it
efficiently, you shut up and live with it. When you have the
money/time/notion to do so, you'll get the dents pulled and pay for a

My point: We're complaining about graphics abilities in the kernel,
and other such trivial things (I say trivial, however to some of you they
may not be). And I saw someone raise the point of numerous SCSI drivers
for the kernel, so why not SVGA chipset drivers. Here's why: The engine
needs the tune up. Without SCSI drivers installed, you can't drive the
car. But, so what if you can't play games on it. Worry about that
later. The body might need an overhaul, but let's finish installing the
supercharger first, shall we?

(Note: I'm not saying that Linux needs body work. I like primer red :> )
(That's a joke, no flames please, I have enough mail to delete)

<Stepping off soapbox>

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