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SubjectRe: Driver optimization.
On Sun, 30 Jun 1996, Rogier Wolff wrote:
> I was reading some NT sources (No, please don't shoot me :-), and
> found something that Linux should've had for quite a while now.
> Initialization code is interspersed with the actual driver code.
> I think that the phrase
> #pragma alloc_text(INIT,ParInitializeDeviceObject)
> in then NT sources means that the routine ParInitializeDeviceObject
> will be allocated in a special segment called "INIT".
> If strict (*) rules about these are kept, we could even free the
> memory associated with initializing the system...... Otherwise,
> having them together increases cache performance.

We have discussed this a few times already. I brought this topic up
for the first time during the Linux developers conference in 95 in Berlin
in a discussion with Eric, Drew and later Alan.

At that time ELF support wasn't developed and widespead enough to
implement this. Now that almost everyone is usning ELF we can go
this up again. I think Eric has still some code for this which he wrote
as a result of our discussion at that time.


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